Why do Scotsmen wear a kilt?

Answer The kilt is the national dress of Scotland and features heavily in Scottish history. This garment is popular with modern Scotsmen and anyone who can make some claim to Scottish ancestry.Distinctive... Read More »

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Do Scotsmen wear underwear under their kilts?

As tradition has it, Scotsmen are not supposed to wear underwear beneath their kilts, but some break tradition, especially Highland step dancers, athletes for Highland games and band leaders. A tru... Read More »

How to Wear a Kilt?

A kilt is a knee-length pleated garment typically worn by men. Originating in the Highlands area of northern Scotland, kilts resemble wrap-around skirts with overlapping aprons in the front and ple... Read More »

Ways to Wear a Kilt Pin?

Traditionally, a kilt"or a plaid as they are also called"is worn with a kilt pin. This pin is meant to hold the kilt close to the wearer's skin and keep it in place. However, as fashion has changed... Read More »

Do you know any wheelchair guys who wear a kilt and commando/ commando?

I don't personally know anybody myself, but I asked a good friend of mine who works for people with disabilities. There are several people who are in wheelchairs and go commando. He knows this cu... Read More »