Why do PETA always use naked women in their campaigns?

Answer Yes, sickening isn't it?So much of PETA's materials use women's scantily-clad or naked bodies, almost always presented as meat and/or helpless victims.I hate and despise PETA's exploitation and obj... Read More »

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Why women dont fully cover their breasts and keep them half naked?

If vampires can't see their own reflections, how is it that their hair is always so neat?

In the universe where Vampires really exist there are at least two answers. 1 Who said they couldn't see their own reflections? Humans can't see a vampire's reflection but they might be able to see... Read More »

Do the Palestinian prisoners always get their medications they need for their health in Israeli Jails?

They probably get better healthcare than they would outside of an Israeli prison.

Why do teenagers put half naked photos of themselves on their profile?

i dont know but i find it disgusing that this seems to be reasonable and normal to them! they have no respect for their own bodies, makes me sick!