Do NFL teams have their own jets?

Answer While some professional football teams do own their own jets, most charter with commercial airlines. They charter under agreement with major airline companies. Since they only take eight road trips... Read More »

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Do NFL teams have their own airplanes?

NFL teams do not own their own airplanes. Teams travel first class on chartered planes owned by existing airlines. Chartered flights are reserved exclusively for the team and its staff and cost abo... Read More »

How did daft punk build headphones into their helmets?

They indubitably had custom in-ear monitors, such as these: that, there is actually a fair bit of room in them thar helmets... Read More »

What is it called if i want to have surgery to have my ears pulled back because their wide?

The operation is called an otoplasty.

Isn't it weird how people can carry heavy things & never hurt their back but then they hurt their back ->?

I completely understand it and can offer you a reason why that happened to you. My daughter for the last year and a half had to carry heavy bags full of accounting files on the train day in and da... Read More »