Do professional quarterbacks have headphones in helmets?

Answer Earphones wont blow up by any volume that could be on electronics unless it is on Imax sound.

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Do it Yourself Back Yard Set Up of a Putting Green?

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How do I get the green tick next to no spam websites back?

well, it doesn't come with the computer for sure, it must have been a software, I use advanced system care 6 beta, it has that option (the green tick), I will be more than happy to provide you with... Read More »

Dying green hair back to brown?

I have dyed my hair millions of colors an it a bad Idea to just dye it from green to brown on the safe side bleach your hair then the next day dye your hair brown so you colors are even an not weird

If You Cut the Green Tops Off of Onions, Will They Grow Back?

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