Do professional quarterbacks have headphones in helmets?

Answer Earphones wont blow up by any volume that could be on electronics unless it is on Imax sound.

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How did daft punk build headphones into their helmets?

They indubitably had custom in-ear monitors, such as these: that, there is actually a fair bit of room in them thar helmets... Read More »

Do football quarterbacks have headphones?

You can either get it from Best Buy, or Electronic Fries and if you can't find it you can either find it at any store that sells electronic stuff.

What is it called if i want to have surgery to have my ears pulled back because their wide?

The operation is called an otoplasty.

How many quarterbacks have won two Super Bowls?

Six quarterbacks have won two Super Bowls, as of June 2010. They are Bart Starr of Green Bay, Bob Griese of Miami, John Elway of Denver, Ben Roethlisberger of Pittsburgh, Roger Staubach of Dallas a... Read More »