Why do NASCAR cars have a treadless design for their tires?

Answer A treadless design for NASCAR tires allows more of the tire to grip the pavement and provide better traction, handling and speed. Unlike ordinary automobiles, NASCAR races never take place during r... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between NASCAR Tires&Indy Car Tires?

Indy Car racing and NASCAR racing are two kinds of professional racing. The driving is different, the vehicles are different, and even the tires are different.NASCAR SlicksNASCAR vehicles use racin... Read More »

How many mpg do the NASCAR cars get?

NASCAR race cars get about five miles per gallon of fuel. Between practice, qualifying and the race, NASCAR officials say that 6.000 gallons of gas are used during a normal race weekend.Source:Azce... Read More »

Do nascar sprint cup teams pay for their tires?

NASCAR Sprint Cup teams pay for their tires by sets, or by fours. All NASCAR Sprint Cup teams use Goodyear racing tires. The amount of sets ordered depends on the strength of the team's funding. So... Read More »

Do NASCAR cars have reverse?

All NASCAR cars have a reverse gear along with a four-speed manual transmission. NASCAR drivers usually use the reverse gear in special circumstances, such as when they stop too far ahead of the pi... Read More »