Why do Middle Easterners drink TEA EVERY 10 MINS?

Answer ROFLMAO.....I am guilty as charged. My whole family is like that except my dad. But my mom and I can survive on tea. I guess we are creatures of habit...tea has caffeine so take that into the equat... Read More »

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Internet cuts out every 5 mins?

any time something has changed it is usually the first thing to check if problems occur. Two things to do.- check with your ISP - they will have logs on your connects/disconnects and can confirm if... Read More »

Is walking 40 mins (2 miles) every day , bad for a thin boy?

Thanks for the motivation. I need to get in a ton of walking every day. I could stand to lose 20 pounds.

Why does my refrigerator keeps running every 30 mins?

The reason may be electrical connection problem with supply or thermostat. A testing with a voltmeter can confirm you about the error.

Why Do Girls Post Duck Faces in Facebook like every 5 mins?

Immaturity, since I am older, my facebook has older people in it and I don't see it at all.