Why do Mennonites have two front doors on their houses?

Answer Having two front doors is a common architectural feature of 19th century houses. It might look odd by today's standards, but the doors served a specific purpose and the Mennonites adapted the forma... Read More »

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How to Replace Window Panels in the Front Doors of Houses?

Having a front door with window panels can brighten your home with more natural light. A drawback to the window panels is that they can be broken and must be replaced. This is a maintenance task th... Read More »

Why do houses have red doors?

The positive symbolism of the red door is used to sell everything from perfume to real estate. It has associations in both Eastern and Western cultures, so it is no surprise that the color is found... Read More »

Did vikings have a fireplace in their houses?

Yes, but it was literally a place for the fire, and not the fireplace you would find in a home today. It was usually a stone hearth in the middle of the room. A fire was built there, and a hole in ... Read More »

Why did some old houses have insurance on their walls?

well i don't know the propper answer but some say it was so when peoples houses were burnt down you could go get it after the house was burnt (because the were made of metal) and the show it so you... Read More »