Why do Mennonites have two front doors on their houses?

Answer Having two front doors is a common architectural feature of 19th century houses. It might look odd by today's standards, but the doors served a specific purpose and the Mennonites adapted the forma... Read More »

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How to Replace Window Panels in the Front Doors of Houses?

Having a front door with window panels can brighten your home with more natural light. A drawback to the window panels is that they can be broken and must be replaced. This is a maintenance task th... Read More »

Why do houses have red doors?

The positive symbolism of the red door is used to sell everything from perfume to real estate. It has associations in both Eastern and Western cultures, so it is no surprise that the color is found... Read More »

What percentage of heat is lost through doors of houses?

This depends on alot of factors. The R value (insulation value) is different for hollow doors , wood doors metal etc. Also a window in the door whether or not it is single payne glass. Most older e... Read More »

Are all front doors the same size?

Most exterior front doors are the same size. However, you should measure your front door before looking for a replacement in order to ensure that you get the right size. Remove the trim framing the... Read More »