Why do "Mac dudes" hate "Microsoft boys"?

Answer Because men don't share and hug, they go to war. If you want hate, you should see how the Linux-heads treat everybody else.

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What's a boys name you like but everyone else seems to hate?

Not many people care for the name Riley on a boy. I see it used on girls more and more these days...which I hate. :/♥кαуℓєє ℓуηη.

Do boys hate Hannah Montana?

Some boys do like Hannah Montana, and some boys don't like Hannah Montana. That because boys like to watch Hannah Montana because they think she's pretty, and that because boys don't like Hannah Mo... Read More »

Boys: what do you love and hate most about girls?

I am a homosexual teenage male, and thus I am not sexually turned on by females, so my answer is solely based on the personality traits of females, and not the traits of females when it comes to re... Read More »

Why do so many people hate Microsoft?

People hate microsoft because there the biggest brand out there and no one is able to come close to matching the performance and operability of them.