Why do Mac computers have what it seems to be a camera on top of the monitor?

Answer Yes, it is. They are generally used for video / audio chat through applications such as iChat and Skype.PhotoBooth and other software lets you use them to take photographs.

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Can you have two computers run off the same monitor?

If you are trying to hook up two computers to one monitor, keyboard, mouse set up, then you need a KVM switch. You can buy them at your local computer store, from about $50-$100. Click the link be... Read More »

Have you ever heard of those computers that have the tower built into the monitor?

No, well I would be stuffed because my monitor stopped working the other day, just as well I had 2 spares :)

It seems that i have some ear wax right down deep in my ear and it seems to effect my hearing a quite bit?

This condition runs in my family. My father had this, and had to have the wax removed every couple of years. I had this done when I was 12 myself.What you need to do is spend about a week softening... Read More »

Canon power shot A 40 digital camera I have put photos from my camera onto the computer monitor but how do I put the photos onto a disk and what type of disk should I use?

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