Why do Jewish men wear kippah?

Answer Many people in North America, Israel and other areas of the world associate the kippah, or head covering, with Judaism. Only those unfamiliar with Judaism would not associate the kippah with this r... Read More »

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Why do Jews wear the kippah?

Kippot are important to Jewish faith and culture. The wearing of the kippah is a sacred act showing man's relation to God. This tradition is borne out of ancient times recorded in the Talmud. Its p... Read More »

How to Wear a Kippah in Military Uniform?

A Jewish kippah, also known as a yarmulke, is a skullcap typically worn every day by Orthodox Jewish men and members of traditional and conservative Jewish sects. A kippah is made of cloth and come... Read More »

Things That Jewish Men Wear?

It is often easy to recognize a Jewish man simply by the distinctive way he dresses. For many men, Judaism is not a religion that is observed once a week in the synagogue, but a daily obligation th... Read More »

Does a Non-Jewish Dad Have to Wear a Yarmulke at a Wedding?

A non-Jew is not required to wear a yarmulke at any time or place---including a wedding---although many consider it polite to do so. The yarmulke (also known as a "kippah") is an outward sign of re... Read More »