Why do I smell bad when I'm on my period Please read?

Answer Are you drinking enough water? That maybe the cause or maybe your very insucure and paranoid. Once i started using tampons its all gravy.You see pads are gross, the blood goes on a platform and sta... Read More »

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Heavy period Please read?

Try covering your underwear with pads( put one normally and one in the back). Yeah u should get some maxi pads or get the pads that are specially made for nighttime. Hope this helps

(Please read) Does using different lotions/body spray make you smell Girls?

You are covering yourself with lots of different perfumes which are all fighting each other.Strawberry shampooLemon shower gelVanilla perfumeMake up your mind which you want to smell of.Body sprays... Read More »

I think im bleeding next to my bum hole but im on my on pls?

Ok - then don't wash it - instead activate your white blood cells by keeping a towel soaked in hot water as hot as you can stand applied to it. This is not washing but a way to give the local area... Read More »

I missed my period two months now and when i smell my flavorite food it makes me sick is that sign of pregnancy or p.m.s?

Yes you are probably pregnant. Take a test and go to see your doctor.