The screw on my eyeglasses came out...(ultra tiny screw) anyone know of a tool small enough to screw it in?

Answer Everyone is right...they sell little eyeglass repair kits at most drug stores. I've even seen them at the check-out at some grocery stores. Don't lose that screw though. The screws in those kits... Read More »

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Where can i buy a screw extractor for a stripped screw which is size #00. The screw is stripped and is stuck.?…I have worked mechanics for a long time, and this has ALWAYS worked for me. We have even gone so far as to use it removing screws from a busted block moun... Read More »

Is a 1/4 screw mount the same as a 5.5mm screw?

No, even if it's almost the same size the thread will have a different pitch because one is metric and the other is imperial. If you manage to screw it in you'll either get it stuck or you'll stri... Read More »

Is a cancellous lag screw the same as a cancellous bone screw?

Cancellous bone screws and lag screws are not the same thing. While both are used on bone, cancellous screws are only threaded to the first third of the length of the screw. Lag screws are threaded... Read More »

What is a screw eye?

Not all threaded fastening devices have a slotted or Phillips head, where a screwdriver can be conveniently inserted. Some fasteners have curved hooks or round "screw eyes," which are designed to h... Read More »