Why do I puke so much?

Answer Never hurts to try and eat healthy! Even just give it a trial run and eat healthy for a week and see what happens? You can also try different brands of cigarettes, if your smoking menthols maybe sw... Read More »

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I feel awful but i cant puke how can i make myself puke?

You shouldn't force yourself to, but this is how to if it helps.- Stick your finger down your throat, will cause a gagging reflex and make you throw up.- Drink A LOT of salty water. (I'm not 100% t... Read More »

If i get to much water in my nose when I swim I puke?

Maybe the water travels to your stomach, and it either has chlorine from pool or bacterial water from lake or salt water from ocean do body wants to get rid of it.

Feeling to puke after drinking too much coke and soda?

The carbonation is reacting with your stomach acid. Also known has heartburn. Try water instead.

How do you get cat puke off concrete floor?

Start by scraping off everything you can with a spatula or similar tool. The stain and residue on the concrete may be permanent, but you could try concrete cleaners designed to get oil stains out.