Why do I puke so much?

Answer Never hurts to try and eat healthy! Even just give it a trial run and eat healthy for a week and see what happens? You can also try different brands of cigarettes, if your smoking menthols maybe sw... Read More »

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I feel awful but i cant puke how can i make myself puke?

You shouldn't force yourself to, but this is how to if it helps.- Stick your finger down your throat, will cause a gagging reflex and make you throw up.- Drink A LOT of salty water. (I'm not 100% t... Read More »

How can you make your self puke?

Stick 1-2 fingers down your throat. Works every time.

How can I make my self puke without gagging?

If your body needs to vomit, it will do so of its own accord with no help needed.Try eating some burnt toast if you feel nauseous

How do i not puke when im drinking alcohol?

It could be in relation to your inability to tolerate uneasy/non-level ground. Since alcohol can effect our ability to balance it may effect you in the same way as a person with balance disorder. S... Read More »