Why do I only HEAR The audio of my videos on my computer with NO Video/picture! ?

Answer As others have answered, you probably don't have the necessary codec software on your computer.A great FREE program with tons of codecs is K-Lite Codec Pack. You can download it here:http://www.cod... Read More »

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How come I only hear audio in Sony Vegas?

It sounds to me like a video compression/decompression problem.I can't say which codecs you're missing, because I'm not familiar with your system. Depending on which sort of video file you're tryin... Read More »

Magic jack i only hear every other word changed phones lines i even bought mjack plus still only hear every o?

wireless + VoIP = jitter, latency and poor audio connectiontry with a wired internet connection, if still having problems log into the router and make sure SIP ALG is disabled..

Why do videos&audio run slow or freeze on my computer?

Several reasons exist why video or audio may freeze while you are watching videos or listening to music on your computer. For the most part, quick-fix solutions solve the problem. More complicated ... Read More »

Can i convert avi videos in high mp4 videos with only my mibile?

Probably not - but since we don't know which mobile you are using, there is no way to know for sure.