Why do I need all four ink tanks in the printer for it to operate?

Answer Many printers are like this. Because other colors are made up of the other colors (like you can't have many shades of purples with out some red), it won't print unless all colors are functioning. T... Read More »

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Do propane tanks need to be labeled?

Several laws require labels on propane tanks depending on the size and use of the tank. Regulations from environmental, workplace safety, transportation and consumer product agencies may all be app... Read More »

Why do mountain climbers need oxygen tanks?

When mountain climbers reach extreme altitudes, they run the risk of oxygen deprivation. Using oxygen tanks at high altitudes helps reduce the risk of serious injury or death.IdentificationAccordin... Read More »

How many electrical circuits should be used to operate 12 computers for a computer lab plus a printer?

Check for the information at your local electrical code office...

Do hot water storage tanks need an expansion tank?

Hot water storage tanks do need an expansion tank. As water is heated, it expands, and in a traditional, sealed heating system an expansion tank, or vessel, is employed to accommodate the extra vol... Read More »