Why do I need a computer server?

Answer A computer server is needed if you desire to have a centralized way of storing files, managing users or providing security to a network. A computer server is most suited in a business environment, ... Read More »

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Can you put a BlackBerry Enterprise server and exhange server 2007 on the same computer?

Blackberry Enterprise Server and Microsoft Exchange Server are both programs designed for IT environments for making access to and transfer of information easier. Both may be installed on the same ... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Server Computer & a Normal Desktop Computer?

The differences between server computers and desktop computer range from the amount of memory each needs to fulfill its tasks to the need for peripheral items such as speakers and graphics.

What is the difference between a server computer&a normal desktop computer?

In an office environment, you may see both server computers and regular desktop computers. The two are quite similar in that both may run the same operating system (many servers run some version of... Read More »

What is a computer server used for?

A computer server acts like a central hub, offering services including web hosting, email and software to multiple users, along a computer network. Servers come in a variety of sizes for memory pro... Read More »