Why do I need Java software?

Answer Java is a computer programming language used to create various applets and applications. Many websites and applications utilize Java, so to view those sites or use those apps, you also must utilize... Read More »

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How can you get android software instead java on your java mobile phone please help you out?

I'm trying to play chess on yahoo and it says I need java script and flash player 7. How do I get the Java?

Usually there will be a prompt when you play the chess game saying you have to download either one. If you do not get a prompt, you might have to download it manually at one or both of the followi... Read More »

Do you need to know the java programming language to do java scriptinga?

Simple answer: No.When "JavaScript" was invented, Java was the hot new language and Netscape picked a name with Java in it just to get attention. There's no real connection beyond that. The borin... Read More »

Hardware & Software Specifications of Java?

Java is a cross-platform programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. It is designed to allow as many types of computers as possible to run the same programs without any modification to the ... Read More »