Why do I look uglier on camera than I do in the mirror?

Answer Are you taking the picture using an ideal portrait focal length or are you taking the picture at a wide focal length? My guess is you are taking the picture arms length away using the widest focal... Read More »

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What is uglier than god more dummer than me and prettier than the devil?

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Do you look better in the mirror than photos....?

SAME here. Thank god im getting surgery in the winter :). Maybe you should too and watch rhinoplasty vlogs on youtube by males.

Why do I look different in the mirror than in photos?

the photos is like too light or something idk..its like that for some people..i dnt ht ink theres anything you could realy do about it ...but dnt worry its least you look pretty in person:)

Do you look better in a mirror than in a photograph?

I look better in a mirror. I don't photograph well.