Why do I let these people bother me?

Answer We're in this together hunnie! Don't expect an answer....the one I got simply stated that I shouldn't expect to "hear what I want to hear" or "you shouldn't post if you don't want honest answers" o... Read More »

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Why do people bother answering other people's questions if they don't have anything nice to say?

It takes all types to make this world---all people are not considerate about other person's feelings---but there are a whole lot of decent people also---that is why we keep coming back to this site... Read More »

Why do some people bother?

Maybe it's because these people are so tired of people asking the same stupid and hopeless questions over and over again. So then they don't see the point of answering properly anymore. Thus, the g... Read More »

Does it bother anyone when fat people go to mcdonalds?

LOL I used to work at Maccas and there was one lady that was ridiculously huge and she came in all the time.. She had acne, facial hair and hairy moles. Kennedy - don't try to justify peopl that ar... Read More »

Why do people eat other animals Does it bother you ?

Fish smell like gross? What does gross smell like? Besides, what do you think would happen if hunting became illegal? Oh, that's right! The animal population would outgrow the human population! In ... Read More »