Why do I keep shaking one of my legs when I sit down?

Answer If ball of your foot is on the ground whilst shaking most likely reason is you are puting your weight on a certain nerve in you foot. If the pressure is in the right place it is an involuntary shak... Read More »

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Why do my legs itch when i lay down?

Use fresh bed sheet and before slip wash your hand and leg properly and also you can use moisturizer it will helps on your problem

Dizziness when I look down, tingles in my face, and weak legs?

dont worry..this is what happend to me before i found out i was anemic. i had iron deficiency in my blood. go see a doctor they will put you on medicine for it i am sure if it is anemia. dont worry... Read More »

Dizziness when I look down, pain in head, and weak legs?

Sounds like anxiety to me. I'm dealing with the same thing, I'm 18 and I'm having those kind of headaches (sharp, shooting pain) for 7 years. It's also common for anxious people to think they have ... Read More »

Why does my computer screen keep shaking?

something is probably interfering with it, mine does that every time my cell phone rings.