Why do I keep getting re-directed when I click on a web site?

Answer For advertising purpose, Web hosting will do such things......Or else, You would have got malware installed and it is hijacking your browser,install malwarebytes to your desktop , update it, then r... Read More »

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Hi, i have web site, and i want to share it on facebook , and when someone click on it, i want to know which .?

When you get a message saying you are our one millionth etc, visitor to this site just click on this?

If you click it, you're probably the 1,000,000th person to get scammed.

Why is when I use google now and I click on a link it always takes me to a shopping site instead of where I?

You have a DNS hijacker. Your router has likely been redirected (and my guess it's somewhere like the Ukraine). The ONLY program I found that would delete it was Super Anti Spyware. See the source ... Read More »

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