Why do I keep getting re-directed when I click on a web site?

Answer For advertising purpose, Web hosting will do such things......Or else, You would have got malware installed and it is hijacking your browser,install malwarebytes to your desktop , update it, then r... Read More »

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Why do i keep getting "page is not available" when i try to open a site?

Depends on if it's one site or all of them. If it's just a specific site, it could be too busy, or there's not a path to the site, or the page itself may be deleted or being re-written.One way to g... Read More »

Why is when I use google now and I click on a link it always takes me to a shopping site instead of where I?

You have a DNS hijacker. Your router has likely been redirected (and my guess it's somewhere like the Ukraine). The ONLY program I found that would delete it was Super Anti Spyware. See the source ... Read More »

When I do a Yahoo or Google search, the results link I click on sends me to an adult site - why?

There are settings to disable it. On the google home page next to the input bar there is a button called preferences were you can change what shows up in search and disable adult sites, there shoul... Read More »

Downloading somethink from a torrent movie site and keep getting this error,?

Yeah. It isn't rocket science. The torrent is no good.