Why do I keep feeling like I'm going to throw up?

Answer you need some sleep

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I keep feeling like I'm going to throw up, but I can't?

Eat some burnt toast. the charcoal on the toast will help absorb what is making you feel that way. Taught by my grandmother years ago and it has worked time and time again.

Is having the feeling that you want to throw up but cant a sign of pregnancy?

Answer It can be, but that alone doesn't sound like someone who's pregnant. You would probably have other symptoms and you would miss your period.

Can you be pregnant after having light bleeding for three days and then a week later you had spotting for two days and you've been feeling like you're going to throw up?

Answer No, I have the same problem. I'm 13. For me, it just means that I'm either sick, or just having an abnormal period. Hey, it happens. But just in case, take a pregnancy test. Don't rely on th... Read More »

Is feeling gassy which results is burping along with feeling nauseous a sign of pregnancy?

Signs of pregnancy Not necessarily, however the following symptoms might be the only signs of telling you whether or not you might be pregnant. Who knows, you could just have quite an upset stomach... Read More »