Why do I keep falling over?

Answer inner ear infectiondo you get dizzycould be hypoglycemiasee your doctorat worst it could be a neurological problem then a cat scan or mri of the head may be ordered

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I keep falling asleep, even when i've had my full hours sleep and i keep getting tired?

Marwa,I think we all have off days sometimes. If you want an energizing exercise, or activity, go to and look up "john barnes myofascial unwinding." It's the 8:56 long video with the ... Read More »

Why do my breasts keep falling out of my bra?

Because they are growing and becoming robust owyeah! :D

Why do my toe nails keep falling off?

It might be just the fact that you have delicate toe nails . Have you noticed anything similar in your nails ? It can also be that your diet doesn't have a lot of vitamins and protein to fortalize ... Read More »

My eyelashes keep falling out?

First off, mascara doesn't do all that much to effect the condition of your eyelashes. Over curling can though.Eyelashes are naturally supposed to fall out, just like any other hair on your body. A... Read More »