Why do I have to wear my retainers 24/7?

Answer Your teeth will shift back. Trust me, I hardly ever wore my retainer after I got my braces off and now I regret it. Thankfully it's just my bottom teeth that look all messed up though.

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Do I have to wear retainers forever?

when i got mine off att the 6 month visit they told me i only had to wear it at nights from then on :] and especially since you have the permenant youre golden :]

When Am I Supposed to Wear My Retainers?

I would wear them 24/7 just in case, and try to get to your orthodontist (or at least call them) ASAP to get your instructions clarified. I mean, it's a retainer, it's better to wear it too often t... Read More »

Can i wear retainers after not wearing them for two years?

It would probably be very painful if you put them in, but I would suggest trying it, and if they fit, I would suggest wearing them 24/7 until it stops hurting.

Didn't wear my retainers for 8 months?

I think you're only supposed to wear them at night but if you want to put them throughout the day it wouldn't hurt. And maybe you've done this already but i think you should go to your dentist beca... Read More »