Why do I have to reset my PC when I unplug the mouse?

Answer PS/2 devices aren't plug and play and are only recognized on the start up of the computer!USB on the other hand is plug and play!

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How To Unplug the Battery to Reset the Computer on a Dodge?

Resetting the electric control module, also known as the car's computer, in a Dodge requires locating the battery and disconnecting it. Disconnecting the battery and draining any electrical power w... Read More »

How to Unplug the Battery to Reset the Engine Light on a Dodge RAM 3500?

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I have lived with a mouse for about a month. I have tried many mouse traps can someone help?

Sometimes the traps are simply not sensitive enough and don't go off when the mouse steals the food. You need to adjust the trap so that the slightest touch will set it off. If that doesn't work,... Read More »

Would any one that has seen Mickey Mouse in band uniform holding tuba that blows bubbles when squeezed please respond or do I have the only one that has one circa 1950's mickey mouse club era?

Hey, I have this too by the sounds of it! I can't find anything online about it. Have you found anything out yet?