Why do I have this yellowish discharge?

Answer Your discharge can be clear, milky, white, cream or pale yellow. It can also be creamy, stretchy, slimy, watery or sticky, and all of that is normal.It's nothing to do with your tampons!

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What causes yellowish or brownish discharge on the panty?

Well, if it is after your period, it could be just some dried up leftover blood. Or maybe you could have a little infection down there. Go to the store and buy some summers eve feminine wash (unsce... Read More »

What could be wrong if you are itching and have a yellowish discharge?

AnswerIt sounds like a yeast infection. If it isn't "fishy" smelling. A yeast infection is clumpy, and a white or slighly yellowish discharge.AnswerIt could also be BV - Bacterial Vaginosis (sp?). ... Read More »

What does it mean when it is yellowish brown discharge while pregnant?

This usually indicates a water infection or a yeast infection. See your Doctor or midwife.

Is slight yellowish or white discharge a bad sign of pregnancy?

Answer A slight dischrage is perfectly normal. If it becomes itchy, sore or smelly see your doctor.