Why do I have so much Puss when I put peroxide in my ear?

Answer Pus usually is a yellow flag for infection. It sounds like you have an ear infection. They can be caused by a cold, and are quite treatable. However, I suggest you get to a medical care center, so ... Read More »

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When will the puss stop coming out of my tongue piercing?

Don't worry It'll be totally fine. This may not happen to everyone but it's nothing serious. It should go away in a week, maybe a little less. That must be a pretty gross taste...puss EW!

I have swelling in my leg and a little puss comes out from the wound...what should i do!!?

Well it doesn't sound too bad. I'd put some peroxide on it, or get some polysporin and put a bandaid on it. That should do the trick.Of course if the swelling doesn't go away, and it looks worse an... Read More »

Does anyone have a front and side image of a puss in boots. normal face?

The easy thing to do is look up animation model sheets. Here is a sheet from the dreamworks film. Notice how different it is from the final product:…I go... Read More »

I have a bump on the edge of my lip before I got it that spot was tingly. It has like white puss inside?

A cold sore is just a red bump. I'm sure you just have a pimple on your lip... Pimples can grow on weird places sadly :/