Why do I have so much Puss when I put peroxide in my ear?

Answer Pus usually is a yellow flag for infection. It sounds like you have an ear infection. They can be caused by a cold, and are quite treatable. However, I suggest you get to a medical care center, so ... Read More »

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Eye Puss in Dogs?

Among the many problems evident in dogs are eye puss and discharge. For pet owners, identifying the root cause of this issue and treating it can prove difficult, as eye puss and discharge and dogs ... Read More »

Puss coming from eye?

Sounds like pink eye. Run away and then wash your hands!

Should I be worried about the puss?

It sounds like you infected it when you cut it. See a podiatrist.

Smelly puss?

It may be a sebaceous cyst. (They are not dangerous, just is a sebaceous cyst you ask?A sebaceous cyst is a closed sac occurring just under the skin which contains a "pasty" or ... Read More »