Why do I have a headache after having my knee adjusted at the chiropractor?

Answer Your headache could be caused by any number of things, including the chiropractic treatment, although you will probably never get a chiropractor to admit it.A chiropractor cannot fix your condition... Read More »

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Why would a valplast partial be painful and hard to get in and out even after having it adjusted three times?

AnswerKeep going back to the dentist until he/she makes it right. That's HIS/HER responsibility. It will take a few times to get it to fit exactly as it is supposed to. And, if it gets to the point... Read More »

Can you be in the military after having reconstructive knee surgery?

Yes! Yes, you can. The degree of curve cannot be more than 30 of Thoracic and 20 of Lumbar. You can't join also if it has an obvious affect on physical performance. I personally just signed up and ... Read More »

What kind of headache and sickness am I having after quitting ADHD medication?

NEVER stop medications cold turkey without getting approval from your doctor. Especially ADHD medication. Some can literally kill you if you stop right away.Start taking them right away again, no... Read More »

Can having a big tv cause you to have a headache?

Mine doesn't give me one. But then again I don't sit in front of it for hours on end. If I did.......... I'd have a headache!