Why do I have a four pack?

Answer different people have a higher metabolic rate so therefore they lose weight faster than others. You're abdominal muscles are always there just under layers of fat. So yeah, it's most likely that yo... Read More »

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Why does everyone want 6 pack abs I have 12 pack abs, isn't that twice as good?

I have a four wire that ran a well pump 3 hot and a ground . im changing to a four wire dryer does it matter w?

C-E guy is mostly right, except if it is Larger than #6 awg, then you can pick any insulated wire except green and identify it "At the time of installation, by a distinctive white or gray marking a... Read More »

The us general in Korea wears four hats filling four us four star positions?

Camp Delta is the permanent internment facility at Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo) where the international terrorist suspects have been held and interrogated.

Do you have to install Service Pack 1 before Service Pack 3?

On One Hand: Don't Skip AheadTo download Microsoft's Windows XP Service Pack 3 for Windows, you must first download Service Pack 1a or 2. You can't skip directly to downloading Service Pack 3. Acco... Read More »