Why do I have a blood blister?

Answer Blisters particularly blisters on feet are a common problem caused by friction from shoes or clothing which rubs repeatedly on the skin.Preventing Blisters-Ensure that shoes fit correctly.-Protect ... Read More »

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Pierce the skin where the blister is to let the blood out.

What do you do to a big blood blister?

When caring for and treating blisters, you can choose to either let them heal on their own, or drain them yourself. If the blister is not painful or obtrusive, give it a chance to heal on its own. ... Read More »

Blood blister question?

Take a sewing needle; sterilize it with alcohol. Puncture blister with needle & press blood out of opening. Keep area clean; cover with band-aid.

How do i treat and get rid of my blood blister the right way?

Mainly protect it from breaking and reduce inflammation. Apply a cold compress to reduce inflammation and try to protect it from getting broken. A bandaid might do that. Watch it for signs of in... Read More »