Why do I have a black tongue?

Answer Although it might look scary, a black tongue is usually harmless. There is no need to panic or make a trip to the emergency room as this condition can usually be treated at home.Why the Tongue Turn... Read More »

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What breed of dog has a black tongue?

Both the Chow (or Chow mix) and Shar-Pei have black tongues. More than 30 other breeds have some black pigment on their tongues. The origin of the black tongue is a mystery, according to the Columb... Read More »

Is a black tongue dangerous?

On One Hand: Not Very DangerousBlack tongue usually occurs because the individual practices poor oral hygiene, along with the small bumps (papillae) on their tongue growing rather than wearing down... Read More »

Baby has a black tongue?

If you are referring to the Seizure medicine, yes. You absolutely must stop taking it. Do not stop taking it without a doctor knowing though. Go see your neurologist. He may be able to put you on s... Read More »

What causes black dots on the tongue?

Is it Hairy? if it is hairy, hairy tongue, which is caused by an overgrowth of bacteria or yeast on the tongueThe sides of my tongue used to be very dark until I had all my silver fill... Read More »