Why do I google everything?

Answer I dont know but you didn't google your other 18 questions did you?!Ha ha. Just kidding with you. I google everything too. I do it out of curiousity. It's kind of like having the answer book in fron... Read More »

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How do I remove the "Everything" sidebar on google?

In your search preferences change the Language from English to bork bork bork on the drop down menu - it does work

Does Google track everything you do online?

There are 2 solutions to avoid these problems: unchrome and deleting Web browing history, download history, Cache and especially Cookies. You can do it yourself or by CCleaner. 1) Unchrome download... Read More »

Why is Google flagging everything as potentially harmful this morning?

It was probably just a glitch, as it seems to be working now. ^_^

I searched my username on Google and I can see EVERYTHING I have done online! :@?

Posting on the internet is free domain. Only information provided that is SPECIFICALLY stated that it is private can and should be kept private. Otherwise, any post you make on forums etc can easil... Read More »