Why do I get urges to kick my legs when I sleep?

Answer Listen, forget about all that crap about nerve damage. What you could possibly have is called restless leg syndrome. My mom has it, and I could possibly have it too. I can never keep my legs still ... Read More »

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Why Do I Kick My Legs In My Sleep?

It's just part of going into REM sleep, and happens to many people. Google "hypnic jerk." It will tell you all about it. Hope this helps!

What does it mean when the man has strong urges to cum inside the women?

It's nature taking over sex is meant for procreation, just go with it

Is it normal to have pains in your legs when you sleep on your right side at 16 weeks pregnant?

Answer Yes. You may be compressing your sciatic nerve, and that is what causes leg/behind pain.

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The urge to masturbate is natural at your age. You do it only at school may br because you really get horny looking at the boys. Next time you get the urge, just go to the bathroom and masturbate t... Read More »