Why do I get the urge to drink something that has taste and is cold?

Answer That urge is probably you being thirsty. You're doing your body a favor by always staying hydrated. Drink lots of water, and ice tea too. It's good for you because it has antioxidants.

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What do i do if i have a strange urge to drink blood?

Sounds like pica - an odd condition associated with the desire to consume non-food products. Often occurs during pregnancy, but can also occur outside of that. Go and see your doctor...because want... Read More »

Do you prefer your cold drinks with ice or not Is it the finishing touch already to a cold drink?

Almost always with ice, it just taste better to me.

Is cold or hot water best to drink ,i love cold?

Kor keeping your sound sweeter, I prefer hot water... But if it doesn't matter cold water is good.

No taste or sense of hot or cold in my mouth?

Go see a specialist if it's been 8 months and they still haven't figured it out yet. That's not good and if they can't figure it out you need to find someone who can. Have you asked them yet to hel... Read More »