Why do I get stomach pains when I eat salty foods?

Answer I can't make the same connection between kidneys and throwing up. They just don't seem to go together. One thing that happens a lot that nobody gets into is having tight back muscles for you can ... Read More »

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Craving salty foods when pregnant?

You're going to be all over the place until the birth, make the most of it. One minute its strawberry ice cream, the next its gherkins. You'll go off random stuff as well. I went off coffee and curry.

Stomach pains but only when standing up?

Sounds like appendicitis, you may need to have your appendix out, i think you should go to the doctor immediately

Chest pains, stomach aches and slight random limb pains?

For the stomach, could be really bad acid reflex/heart burn. Also, could be a ucler, but the pain would had to go on for months to get this problem. Not sure about the limb pain.

Is it normal to have upper stomach pains when you are pregnant?

Answer how far along are you? It could just be gas. If it is severe or you are worried, go see a doctor