Why do I get nauseous when I drink?

Answer YOu may be allergic to beer, switch to liquor. Liquor is quicker

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HELP!! what do i eat if im nauseous?

Soup.Drink sips of gatorade, or any clear electroylyte filled drink, no milk.Toast, white bread.

What to eat when nauseous?

Perhaps you need yogurt every day to improve your digestion or more digestive enzymes from more fruit and vegetables.

Please help.. I feel nauseous?

Just relax and drink some ice cold water. watch tv and avoid doing or watching gross things. hope you feel better.

Why do i feel so nauseous ?

The causes of nausea are many.Food poisoningMedicationsPregnancyDisequilibriumStress and depressionSome common causes of nausea are motion sickness, dizziness, fainting, gastroenteritis (stomach in... Read More »