Why do I get hungry every couple of hours?

Answer It's a sign that you're a Human being.

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I get hungry every 4 hours. I'm worried. Is that bad?

I get hungry every 4 hours as big deal just eat lol

My dad' s a diabetic patient and 70 years old he is hungry after almost every 2-3 hours.?

First, make sure the starchy carbohydrates (rice, breads, grains, pasta) he eats are the less processed, wholer grain type--brown rice, wild rice, whole grain bread (the less milled, the better), w... Read More »

Are sharp shooting abdominal pains over your left ovary every couple of hours a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Not necessarily. It could be a sign of ectopic pregnancy if accompanied by bleeding. Visit your doctor as soon as you can. You should not be experiencing pain on just one side. It could also... Read More »

How can u get rid of hickeys with in a couple of hours?

I agree. Makeup or coverup is the only way