Why do I feel so sleepy?

Answer Yes...U are over slept...u sleep alot and u stay lazy the whole day...The more u sleep the more ur body stays lathargic and more u want to sleep...9.30 am is whne u wake up...all the kids are at sc... Read More »

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How to Not Feel Sleepy?

Feeling Sleepy? Here are some tips that keep you from dozing off...

I feel sleepy during the class hours?

Its a common problem 2 all studentsSleep well at nights.....atleast for 8-9 hrsIf the lecture is interactive,try 2 answer the questions which ur faculty asks........Try 2 answer first b4 other stud... Read More »

Why would you always feel sleepy in class?

Answer There are a few answers. One, is that you felt sleepy one day, and now, revisiting the same environment, your behavior is repeated. Two, something in the classroom cues you to feel sleepy: t... Read More »

Why do we feel sleepy after having good meals?

The body's energy and large portion of blood supply to transport nutrients are focused on the GI tract instead of the brain.