Why do I feel so much pressure in my head?

Answer Sounds like you have a lot of sinus pressure. When you bend over does the pressure drop to your forehead? I have always had sinus and allergy problems but never was treated for it as a child or i... Read More »

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How much pressure can a human head withstand?

It takes approximately 15 pounds per square inch to crush an adult human head. Your head is about 10 inches from top to bottom and 8 inches from back to front, which gives a cross-sectional area of... Read More »

Can my high blood pressure be the reason I feel exhausted all day no matter how much I sleep?

Yes it can be, it was for me. See your doctor, and get medication to help lower it. Then you can make changes like losing weight or changing your diet(healthy foods, lower salt intake etc), stress... Read More »

Can you feel the baby's head when having sex if the baby's head is down?

No and if your cervix is dilated enough for the baby to even be seen- sex wouldn't be on your mind. People have babies because the want to i cant stop that.

If I feel I drank way toooo much, what should I do to make my self feel better?

Every culture and every individual has a hangover cure. There are lots of interesting variations but a few basics are always the same.First of all alcohol makes you pee a lot. In fact you pee out ... Read More »