Why do I feel so much pressure in my head?

Answer Sounds like you have a lot of sinus pressure. When you bend over does the pressure drop to your forehead? I have always had sinus and allergy problems but never was treated for it as a child or i... Read More »

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How to Avoid Pressure and Feel Better?

Whenever we feel unhappy and under pressure with you personal life or professional life, Just try below things to get happy and out of pressure in your life. There are some scientific techniques an... Read More »

Do u feel like there is pressure to look nice?

every day everyone in my school is so mean and judgemental so i always try to look my best

Why Is There No Pressure in My Car's Cylinder Head?

Engines are basically big air pumps that suck oxygen in, combine it with fuel, squeeze it till it goes boom and then expel it. While engines can tolerate some failure or restriction in the sucking-... Read More »

What does a pressure band around the head mean?

On One Hand: It's Probably a Tension HeadacheIndividuals who suffer from tension headaches often describe an accompanying feeling of pressure around the head. While these headaches are usually harm... Read More »