Why do I feel sick everytime I eat?

Answer you need to change your diet and eat smaller portions.. the processed food you are eating is killing me on more fresh produce that will cut down on the gerd. (among other disea... Read More »

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Why do I feel sick everytime I wake up?

its kuz ur body was getting what it should- rest- and doesnt want to get up. take a day off work or school and youll feel a bit better. the reason that u feel better later, is because youre fully a... Read More »

Everytime I wake up my stomach feels sick like vomiting!!?

Same here except I'm 13 and also a virgin. Idk what it is but its normal

I feel fine when my eyes are open but as soon as I close them I feel sick?

There is two reliefs you can do.Counter-top pushups.You stand in your kitchen, at the skin, feet together, feet back about 2-3 feet. Hands on the edge of the counter. Holding the sink also works be... Read More »

Why do i feel dizzy everytime i get up?

Such head rushes are commonly caused by orthostatic hypotension as in…