Why do I feel shorter then I am?

Answer Just go with it. You feel shorter because you are not aware of everything about your body (no one is).Hope this helps!

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Is it true that a man can't get you pregnant if his penis is shorter then 6 inches?

LiesI just became a father;…;)

Do you ever get your hair cut and watch in horror as it keeps getting shorter and shorter and you just want to?

That just happens to me naturally.But short and sassy looks good on you.Let's eat each other up.

Your period was lighter shorter kept stopping and coming back in may then in June you only spotted you have diarrhea dizzy headaches extreme fatigue negative hpt what could be wrong?

Answer it could be sign that you are pregnant if i iwas you take a test i about a week, those symptoms can mean other things like a low iron deficincy, or you are low in fibre but take a test to b... Read More »

Is something wrong when you feel hot&then cold?

On One Hand: Menopausal SymptomsWhen a woman's ovaries stop functioning, she may experience menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, according to "Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary." At nigh... Read More »