Why do I feel more energized even with no sleep?

Answer it is not healthy at all too miss out on that much sleep your body needs it but you are nw in a bad pattern. try winding down an hour before you want to get to sleep i.e bath etc. then when your in... Read More »

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Is it possible to feel groggy after getting even more sleep than usual?

People have a tendency to develop what is called a circadian rhythm. A circadian rhythm develops when a person maintains a consistent sleep pattern. People typically sleep the amount of time they... Read More »

Why is it that the more I sleep, the more tired I feel, the next day (read on, please)?

You are probably suffering the effects of long term sleep deprivation. Four hours a night is just not enough and the effects are cumulative.Sleeping too much is also unhealthy, but I don't think t... Read More »

I feel sleepy even when i have a good night sleep..?

that's a popular problem.we have millions of sites teaching how to reduce sleeps, have a all nighter and all that.the really important thing to note is:not every advice applies to everyone since ev... Read More »

Why do I feel like I can't even use P&S any more?

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