Why do I feel like I'm being choked?

Answer I'm not a doctor and you should get this checked if it becomes bothersome. But my mother felt this way as well and went to doc and she had a thyroid problem. She also had other symptoms as well suc... Read More »

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What do you feel like after youve choked on food?

You would feel rather exhausted through all of the coughing that you would do trying to expel the food...............

What is the thing i choked up and what do i do about it?

Maybe its a pill u swallowed that was unable to digest in your stomach. Or lodged itself in your throat some time ago?

Neck pain from being choked?

Just relax in a hot bath and try to soothe the muscles on your neck and back .....

My principle choked me and i dont know what to do?

DEMAND--the police do something!! go to the newspapers, no one and i repeat no one is allowed to touch you, especially an 11 year old child in their trust, what has the school got for teachers ther... Read More »