Why do I feel a great amount of pressure on my back tooth?

Answer It sounds like you might need a filling but if the decay has gone further into the nerve space (which you can tell from an xray) you could need an extraction (easy and cheaper option) or root canal... Read More »

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What does back labor feel like if you are having a lot of low dull back pain with vaginal or pelvic pressure been very moody and want to know if you are in labor?

If you are in labor and receiving dull back pain the pain will progressively get worse to the point where it will feel like you are being stabbed from the behind. good luck Dull back pain is very c... Read More »

Can a bad tooth or impacted wisdom tooth cause pressure in the ear and the side of the head?

Answer What a dumb answer..AnswerIt is definitely possible. Talk to a dentist to have the situation evaluated. Answer I have had my wisdom teeth removed because i had a nerve that was being pinched... Read More »

What is the white stuff coming out of my rotting tooth it is my very back tooth?

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