Why do I chew on my hair?

Answer Eating hair may be related to a medical condition called pica, which is the consumption of non-food items. Eating hair in particular is called "tricophagia." There are treatments available if you... Read More »

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Why do cats chew human hair?

Two factors likely influence a cat's tendency to chew on human hair--weaning a kitten too early, or simply, genetics. The behavior is most likely not because of the diet, but it's advised that you ... Read More »

Do you chew gum, and for how long do you chew it for?

Until it loses its flavour, or until it gives me bellyache. Chewing gum has that effect on me =/

What do you do when you have bit off more than you can chew?

Swallow it whole and grin and bare it until the indigestion eases.All things come to those who wait.

How to Eat when You Can't Chew?

Root canal? Teeth pulled? Sore gums? Dental surgery? All the more reason you need lots of nutrients (and not lots of sugary drinks) to heal! Here's a recipe for a quick, nutritious soup that will g... Read More »