Why do I burn out lightbulbs when I touch them?

Answer Specific kinds of light bulbs are susceptible to damage if touched by our hands. Ordinary household incandescent or compact fluorescent lights will not be harmed by touch; however, tungsten halogen... Read More »

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Lightbulbs i've got a question about lightbulbs ?

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Will i burn myself if i touch the inside of the oven when its on HELP?

Well, you are apparently supposed to be a certain minimum age to even be on this site, so I will treat you as such.Yep, go ahead and stick your hand inside the oven when it is well and truly heated... Read More »

How do lightbulbs work?

Light bulbs work by attaching several different components to the inside and outside of a glass bulb. The process requires all components to work in tandem with a source of electricity.Components o... Read More »

Are lightbulbs biodegradable?

Light bulbs are not biodegradable, and in the case of fluorescent light bulbs, they actually release dangerous chemicals into the environment. Because of this, tube lights are already banned in Aus... Read More »