Why do I burn out lightbulbs when I touch them?

Answer Specific kinds of light bulbs are susceptible to damage if touched by our hands. Ordinary household incandescent or compact fluorescent lights will not be harmed by touch; however, tungsten halogen... Read More »

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Why do my eyes burn when i close them?

They are very dry. Eye drops- try clear eyes: for red eyes Gel. It is super hydrating and feels like heaven for eyes that are dry red scratched and irritated

Why Do Headlights Go Bad When You Touch Them?

Even the cleanest of hands should not touch headlight bulbs or their service life may be shortened. Dirt, oil, grease and grime can find their way onto the bulb, causing it to burn out.

Do tumors hurt when you touch them?

No one here can answer that other than in a general way . . because most cancerous lumps do not hurt, that does not mean that one might not be pressing on a nerve . . and end up hurting. However, a... Read More »

Lightbulbs i've got a question about lightbulbs ?

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