Why do I (as one w/ no caller id technology) have to answer the phone w/, "hello" thus committing my self ...?

Answer You can answer your phone however you like. You can answer with silence. I just tried it after reading this question and the person on the other end said "Hello?" after a couple of seconds and the ... Read More »

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How many of you deliberately DON'T answer your phone when you see "private caller" on your caller ID?

When i see private caller i just answer the phone and start speaking my native language (polynesian) into the phone. It makes the caller think that they have the wrong number.

How do I professionally answer a phone call& transfer the caller?

AnsweringFollow your company's requirements for identification when answering the phone, or identify the company the caller has reached. Give your name, and ask how you can be of assistance.Transfe... Read More »

I have a private caller that calls my number every day and hangs up on me as soon as i answer the phone?

Although u can directly ask him......haha....but i have an idea for somewhat unsual but u can try go to ....the site mention in sources put his/her no. there after clicking on recharge now then jus... Read More »

Have you ever rushed to answer the phone only to be told by the caller they have dialled a wrong number?

Hiya D! Oh yes,but never again! The darn thing can ring till the cows come home! I was in the shower at the time,i reached out to grab it,and slipped over on my butt!