Why do I always think I may be pregnant whenever I have sex?

Answer it could be that you worry so much about it because it's a pretty new experience for you or maybe you just aren't emotionally ready to have sex. i never had the problem of worrying about getting pr... Read More »

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Is it possible to think that you are pregnant and have the symptoms only because you think you are pregnant?

%REPLIES% Answer It can happen because you are thinking about all the symptoms and trying to find them that you can "see" them even if they aren't really there. And PMS symptoms can be a lot like ... Read More »

Why is it, whenever I go onto a porn site I always get a pop up?

I am pregnant but I have a problem because I think I got that way at an orgy. Do you think I could take?

It may well be that some of the other participants are experiencing the very same problem of mis-attributed conception. So all you have to do is wait until you've all given birth, and have a look t... Read More »

Is it possible to be pregnant for four months and think you are not pregnant because you have your period?

%REPLIES% Answer It is very, very rare to have your period when you are pregnant. If you think you have been pregnant for four months, but have been having your period, you need to see a doctor an... Read More »