Why do HP Printers jam/suck so much?

Answer I worked at a retail computer store that sold HP printers and their horrible and I never recommended any of them to the customers. We had about 15 HP printers in the back that got returned due to m... Read More »

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Why do 3d printers cost so much?

Just like the first computer was expensive, it will drop in price eventually.

How much do the new 3D printers cost?

They start around $20,000 dollars. The price will go down but not tomorrow.

I've Heard Repeatedly that Manufacturers of Ink-Jet Printers Are Deliberately Under Pricing their Printers-?

I don't have an answer, but I sure have a comment. I like my Lexmark printer, but I feel I've been robbed every time I but new ink cartridges. For a low paid community college history instructor,... Read More »

Which of the below printers are the best thankyou. All are canon printers?

I have a Canon pixma MG5150 and it is very good, it will use compatible cartridges with out any trouble the last lot off compatible cartridges that I bought, I only paid £9.50 for two sets (10) fr... Read More »