Why do Google searches list results that aren't real?

Answer Google, like all search engines uses a logarithm to sift through websites. I believe that websites try to use random word combinations to "trick" search engines into listing their websites as much ... Read More »

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How to remove results of your username in google searches?

You cant get rid of them. The only way they will go is when the site your on is delted and google doesnt index them anymore.

How can I erase websites from my PC and from the list of Google searches?

Here is my top google clear search tip for in to your google the last search.....use the back arrow so the cursor is at the beginning of the word..then hold down the down... Read More »

How do I delete the list of previous searches i've made in the Google search bar?

Tools/ Internet Options/ Delete AllThen, in the settings next to delete all, you can set it to delete everything after you close Explorer

Google searches......?

If you want to eliminate certain Sites like bebo, myspace, etc. you can use this form: . The - means "not, or the opposite of the following expression". The "inurl:" is a google ... Read More »